Happy New Year

Let us ring in 2018 with prayer.  Join in prayer with us from noon on Dec 31st through midnight.  Take an hour not only to reflect with the Lord on 2017 and HIS desire for you in 2018, but to pray for FPC and Freeman community leaders.  Here is a guide to aid you in prayer:

FPC leaders:

  • Small Group Leaders: Rex Eckhoff, Keith Cook, Bev Claypool, Natalie Madison, Ilona Buzick
  • Trek Leaders: Kandice and Rex Eckhoff
  • Deacons: Julie Dunaway, Natalie Madison, Rod Smith
  • Ruling Elders: Rex Eckhoff, Shelley Needham, Jill Smith, Elaine Sturm, David Ullery
  • Teaching Elder: Ilona Buzick
  • Clerk of Session: Keith Cook
  • Treasurer: Pam Murray
  • Worship Team Leader: Kandice Eckhoff

Community Leaders: Mayor: Doug Eberle, Council: Casey Nichols, Rick Hager, Chris Rambler Zoning: Claude Rhone, Collin Kalbeuch, Randy Oakes Zoning Board of Adjustment: Randy Carl, Jason Kurzweil, Karen Flanagan, Clark Gundersen


  • God’s House: Swift and safe construction, Developing Ministries for God’s House
  • “Engage 2018”- FPCers share the Gospel in word and works
  • Homebound Members: Gloria Chenoweth, Corky Cook, Dale and Donna Farr, Linda Lee, Virginia Lee, Louise Moore, Joe Rodier, Loretta and Toby Wiseman

As you noticed on the prayer list is “Engage 2018”.  Here are some of the ways that we will be obeying God’s command to feed those who are physically and spiritually hungry.  This past Advent season we filled boxes with food items that will be delivered to the Church Alliance Food Pantry.  The deacons will also post a “Blessing Box” (beautifully designed and built by Kraig Dunaway). Anyone in need can come to the church and take from the “Blessing Box” located on our property canned food items. No one should go hungry in our community.

We know that physical hunger is real but it is only one type of hunger. Spiritual Hunger is widespread in our culture. FPC will be hosting for the first time an IF:Conference.

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This is a National Women’s Conference with featured speaker Jennie Allen.  It will be live streamed with music and other nationally known speakers.  Lunch will be served.  It is a way we can invite women from the community and friends and family members to learn and grow in faith.  We may even ask the men of the church to help.  This is just a starter.

To keep growing spiritually, I am challenging you to join me in a weekly Bible and Meditation Study.  Journal sheets will be available in the sanctuary every week (those who are homebound will receive them in the mail).  Each week we will study the Scripture Text that will be taught in worship the next Sunday.

Here are the texts for the next month: Dec. 31: Acts 4, Jan. 7 Exodus 3, Jan. 14: Luke 7, Jan.21: Hebrews 11, Jan. 28: Acts 9:1-19, Feb. 4: Acts 16: 1-10.

Thanks again for the very generous Christmas Gift.  I will be using a portion of it to attend the Deep and Wide Conference with Andy Stanley. This is a conference that I believe will renew me and give me some great ideas for our “Engage 2018”.  What I am truly grateful for is the ministry partnership we have.  I am looking forward to hearing and seeing the visions and dreams God gives to you for “Engage 2018”!

Love in Christ,


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November Newsletter

So much has happened this last month regarding God’s House.  We set a date to begin building God’s House, formed a team to raise funds, received our Coin Jars and on Monday, October 2nd, we received a gift to pay for God’s House.  The session called a meeting with the Buildings and Grounds Team and decided now is the time to build.  So, as you pass by the FPC property in the next few weeks you will see “God’s Vision becoming a Reality”.  Praise God!!!!! Thank you Lord for the vision, for courageous leadership, for gifts great and small, for answering our prayers and for building our “faith” muscle.  God never ceases to amaze me.

God’s House is more than a building.  It is a facility that will be used to reach people for Christ.  It will be a place to help people on their journey of faith.  It will be a meeting place for people young and old, near to God and far from God, and to find shelter. It will be a place to help people grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  What I am asking of you now is to begin praying about the ministries God will fill this building with in the coming days.  Also pray for smooth sailing from the building permit, to the actual building. Pray for good weather and the health of those involved in the work.  There is much prayer needed.  Rex Eckhoff and Rod Smith will oversee the day to day details and will keep us updated in worship on Sundays.  Our work, and it is hard work, is to PRAY, to Dream, and to be ENCOURAGERS!!!!!!

Here are some Scriptures to Ponder, Pray and Personalize during the next few weeks as we travel this journey together:

  • Week of October 29: “Be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing with one another in love.” (Ephesians 4:2)
  • Week of November 5 “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.” (Ephesians 4:3)
  • Week of November 12 “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouth, but only what is helpful for the building up of others according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” (Ephesians 4:29)
  • Week of November 19 “Give thanks to the Lord for He is Good; his love endures forever.” (Psalm 118:1)
  • Week of November 26 “I will praise you O Lord all my heart.” (Psalm 138:1a)

Have a blessed November and Thanksgiving,


Coming Soon – God’s House!

God has truly answered our prayers. Through the gift of a gracious donor and the continued contributions of our congregation we have reached our goal and will be breaking ground soon! Please keep the prayers coming as we prepare to make this vision a reality. We will continue fundraising to ensure we are able to cover any unexpected costs and plan for future upkeep on the church building itself.

Here is the site where the new building where soon stand.

October News


Dear Friends Pursuing Christ,

Welcome Fall and a new season in our life together at FPC.  During October and November, we will be centering our worship time on sharing the good news about Jesus Christ.  I know that for many people this can be scary, but with Christ, we can do all things.  So, join us for this Fall adventure and see how you can turn from green to the beautiful colors of Fall.  Here is a prayer that many of us our praying:

Lord you have told us to go into all the world and preach the gospel. But in all honesty, I am not doing as I should.  Would you help me with this?  Will you give me a heart for those who do not know you yet? Will you give me a holy boldness like I have never had before? I know that your heart is to reach them, and you showed us this by sending Jesus to die on the cross for the sins of the world. Give me that concern for people that would reflect your heart.  In Jesus’ Name. Amen

You can begin with this prayer and then be bold and ask people if they would like to come to worship with you, ask them to join us on Sunday, October 15th when we will have a light lunch followed by a fun activity, or invite them to join us for the monthly “Blessing series centered on strengthening our families and other relationships.  Dinner is at 6:30 and the study begins at 7:00 pm. If that is too bold for you, invite them over for coffee and some apple pie for a good neighborly visit.  Be creative you can do it.

Other specials for the month: October 1st – distribution of the coin jars for God’s House. October 21st – Girls of Grace, October 29th – First coin jar collection.  Check the calendar on the back for other activities and special days.

Love and prayers,




Sunday Morning Small Groups:

  • Children’s Small Group – Natalie Madison, Leader (Fellowship Hall-Lower Level)
  • Teen Small Group – Bev Claypool and Keith Cook, Leaders (Youth Room, South West Classroom)
  • Adult Small Group – Rex Eckhoff, Leader (Disciples Classroom, North Classroom) Tell Someone – A six week DVD and discussion study. Greg Laurie is the Sr. Pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship with the gift of sharing the Good News of the Gospel. Greg will share his own failures and successes in sharing the gospel with friends and family and give us ideas how to mobilize us to “go and tell”.

Wednesday Small Groups:

  • 1 p.m. – Ilona Buzick, Leader (Starts September 13) “Reclaiming the Lost Art of Biblical Meditation.”  In this 9 week study, we will learn how Biblical Meditation helps us focus on the wonder of God and praise Him, calm our spirits, discover insight into God’s will, and grow in our relationship with Jesus.  Robert Morgan writes, “The practice is as near as your Bible, and the benefits are immediate.  As you ponder, picture, and personalize God’s word, you begin looking at life through God’s lens, viewing the world from HIS perspective.  And here you will find peace.”
  • 7 p.m. Trek – Rex and Kandice Eckhoff, Youth Sponsors (Youth Room) study hour 5:30 pm, dinner 6:30 pm, 7:00 pm youth group starts

Friday Small Group (2nd and 4th Friday)

  • 6 p.m. – Ilona Buzick, Leader “What the Bible is All About” Hosted By: Carole and George Gurnett

Monthly Meetings:

  • Girls of Grace (First Saturday of the Month) 7th-9th Grade Girls
  • Boys of Honor (TBD) 7th-9th Grade Boys
  • Couple’s Group – 2nd Tuesday of the Month.  Each month we will uncover how to offer our children “The Blessing”– the unconditional love and approval that develops from healthy relationships. This life changing gift comes through instilling a deep sense of self-worth and unshakable emotional well being through these five elements: 1) Meaningful touch, 2) A spoken message, 3) Attaching high value, 4) Picturing a Special Future, 5) An Active Commitment.  Dinner available at 6:30 pm, study begins at 7:00 pm.  Childcare is available.  Please sign-up for dinner and childcare.

August Newsletter

Dear Friends Pursuing Christ,

At the end of August, we will conclude our series on The Story.  Many of you have shared with me how much you enjoyed having the small group studies correlating with the sermons.  It is a wonderful adventure.  Randy Frazee is a gifted teacher.

What I find amazing, and this is so like God to orchestrate, all our Small Groups, are keeping in step with the Sunday Small Groups.  Friday night has been working through Henrietta Mear’s book, What the Bible Is All About, and the Wednesday Group has been studying Daniel and now a more in-depth study of Daniel’s prayer for his nation.

Last week in worship (7/23) we discussed the spiritual discipline of fasting. A fast removes food from our daily diet for spiritual purpose. There are individual fasts and corporate fasts; it is assumed that the people of God will fast.  There are partial fasts where one may abstain from a certain food, there are fasts that exclude eating food and others that exclude eating food and water for a limited time. There can be fasts also from Media, Sports, People, Sexual Intimacy, etc. for a limited time as well.  Again, the main purpose is to use this time to draw closer to God. Many times, during a fast, there is an allotted time for confession of sins.  Confession before God is always good for the soul.  It brings a healing balm in our lives and helps us unblock our ears and heart so that we can hear and respond to God in a pleasing way.

This week (7/30) I handed out a work sheet that helps us examine our sins so that we can confess them before God and then, with the Holy Spirit’s help, walk in a new direction. Please take some time to read through this list and spend time confessing your sins.  On August 13th, there will be time allotted for confession of sin, not just for our sins, but to confess the sins of FPC, our nation, and the Church Universal. This will be followed by the Celebration of the Lord’s Supper.  I believe you will experience God’s presence in a new way.

Love and prayers in Jesus,


What is God’s House?

What is God’s House? You’ve heard us talking about it for quite a while now and in case you were wondering we’d like to provide more information.  Please take some time to read more below.

While Awana and Trek have been operating, reality is that we need a safe place to meet and play recreational sports.  FPC tried to rework the old manse but we later found there was too much that needed to be done and the cost prohibited the work.  In the long run we believe a new building is more cost effective.  After lots of prayers it was decided the manse was to be demolished.  That took place in April 2016.

After all of the prayers, discussions, and ideas from the congregation, the Session voted to step out of their comfort zone and put their full trust in God.  We trust that God will provide for a new building that will house a gym/fellowship hall, classrooms, a new kitchen, bathroom facilities (including showers), and additional storage.

Here is the exciting and most adventurous part, YOU can be part of our vision to make a difference for Christ in the Freeman community by:

  • Praying the vision from God becomes a reality
  • Making an extra giving pledge/gift to the build fund, God’s House
  • Asking God how you can be used

I pray that you will join me, as well as the entire Freeman Presbyterian congregation, on the adventure of a lifetime inspired by God.  If you feel inspired to help us reach our goal you can give by donating through the Go Fund me link located on this page or by contacting our church directly.

Ilona Buzick

Pastor, FPC


July Newsletter

This past June has been a very active month of “serving the Lord with joyful hearts.”  I want to thank everyone who either donated and/or worked the FPC garage/yard sale, it was a great success. We raised approximately $2,000.00 for “God’s House”. What a blessing! And on top of that, many people experienced a respite from cooking and took home meals of brisket and pulled pork for lunch and supper. Thank you Rod for the good eats.

You hopefully have noticed on the “God’s House” building site there is a beautiful banner surrounded by crosses.  A wonderful reminder that the vision God has given us is becoming a reality. Please pray for this adventure of ministry.  God is on the move.  We are still short of the financial goal for us to build, so if God prompts you to give, don’t hesitate to give, and if God gives you an idea on how to raise funds, don’t hesitate to share it with an elder (Jill Smith, David Ullery, Elaine Sturm, Velma Stewart, Shelley Needham).

Also a group of adults and teens (15 to be exact) went on a Mission Trip to Camp Courageous.  We planted over 300 plants and filled in dirt (2 1/2 dump truck loads) along sidewalks by the fishing pond.  There are pictures on FPC’s Facebook page if you’d like to take look.  We worked hard, studied and prayed, and played hard (Bev Claypool, Keith Cook, Kandice and Rex Eckhoff, and Ilona Buzick led us in Bible Study). The campers touched our lives.  We were a privileged group to be the Lord’s Hands and Feet for the weekend. We are already signed up for next year and hope you can join us June 8-10, 2018!!!!

As you enjoy your summer I would like you to mull over these realities with God.  They are taken from Henry Blackaby’s book, Experiencing God.  In September and October we will explore these truths in our worship services.

  1. God is ALWAYS at work around you.
  2. God pursues a continuing love relationship with you that is REAL and PERSONAL.
  3. God INVITES you to become involved in HIS
  4. God SPEAKS by the Holy Spirit through the Bible, prayers, circumstances, and the church to REVEAL HIMSELF, HIS purpose, and HIS ways.
  5. God’s INVITATION for you to work with HIM always leads you to a crisis of belief that REQUIRES faith and action.
  6. You MUST MAKE major adjustments in your life to JOIN God in what HE is
  7. You come to KNOW God by EXPERIENCE as you OBEY HIM and HE ACCOMPLISHES HIS WORK through you.

See you in worship and around the community.

Love, Ilona

The Story

Dear Family and Friends of FPC,

It has begun!!!!!! But you can still be a part of “945 – The Story”.  Here is what Max Lucado and Randy Frazee say about the The Story. Image result for the story

It tells the grandest, most compelling story of all time: the story of God who loves His children, who establishes them for them a way of salvation and provided a route to eternity. Each story reveals God’s grace-the God who speaks; the God who acts; the God who listens; the God whose love culminated in his sacrifice of Jesus, His only Son, to atone for the sin of humanity.

What’s more: this same God is alive and active today; still listening – still acting – still pouring his grace on us. His grace extends to our daily foibles; our ups, downs, and in betweens, our moments of questions and fears; and most important our response to His call on our lives.  He is the same God who forgave David’s failures and rescued Jonah from the dark belly of a fish. This same heavenly Father who shepherded the Israelites through the wilderness desires to shepherd us through our wanderings, to help us get past our failures and rescue us for eternity.

Every Sunday at 9:45 a.m. small groups will gather at FPC to discuss The Story. There will be a short DVD lesson and then plenty of discussion.  Following small groups, we will continue the study during our Worship service.  We will see How God’s Story and our story are weaved together. Image result for the story

Each week we will have a prayer person, or family, of the week. Please pray for them and even send cards to let them know you are praying or give them a call. You will find these individuals listed in our February calendar.

Also on Friday, February 17th, we will have our first Chili Cook Image result for joseph branson moOff followed by the Branson Sight and Sound DVD of Joseph. Please invite friends and family.  Any donations received will go to the God’s House fund.

Have a blessed February and I can’t wait to see what God will we do as we begin The Story.

Love in Christ,


What Are You Doing in 2017?

Dear Friends Pursuing Christ,

Are you ready for 945?  Not sure what 945 is? Then join us for worship and keep Related imageyour eyes peeled on Facebook or our website!

As we begin the New Year I would like to encourage you to find a Bible reading plan.  It might be reading and reflecting on a verse a day, reading through the Bible in a Year plan, being part of 945 (that’s a clue), or joining Friday’s 7 p.m. small group at the Gurnett’s.  If you’d like to join the Friday night group we will be studying Henrietta Mear’s, What the Bible is All About.  Whatever you think you can do, go for it.  You will be greatly blessed as you listen to what God has to say to you.

Image result for bible study

Billy Graham’s forward in What the Bible is All About:

Our faith is not dependent upon human knowledge and scientific advance but upon the unmistakable message of the Word of God.                                                                                                    

The Bible has a great tradition and a magnificent heritage. It contains 66 books written over a period of several hundred years by many different men.  Yet, the message, divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit, is clear throughout.  The 66 books become one.                                                            

The Bible is old, yet it is ever new.  It is the most modern book in the world today.  There is a false notion that a book as ancient as the Bible cannot speak to modern needs…It is in the Holy Scriptures that we find answers to life’s ultimate questions: Where did I come from?  Why am I here?  Where am I going?  What is the purpose of my existence?  

One of the greatest needs in the Church today is to come back to the Scriptures as the basic authority and to study them prayerfully in dependence of the Holy Spirit.  When we read God’s Word, we fill our hearts with His words, and God is speaking to us.

Image result for share a secretLet me tell you a secret.  What you put into your study will result in what you get out of it.  Nothing of great value is ever accomplished without consistent effort invested on our part.  That is true in life, particularly in relationships.  Remember being a Christian is all about having a relationship with the Living God.


Plans are available on Facebook or in written form at the Church.  Go for it.

Blessings and love in Jesus,