Happy New Year

Let us ring in 2018 with prayer.  Join in prayer with us from noon on Dec 31st through midnight.  Take an hour not only to reflect with the Lord on 2017 and HIS desire for you in 2018, but to pray for FPC and Freeman community leaders.  Here is a guide to aid you in prayer:

FPC leaders:

  • Small Group Leaders: Rex Eckhoff, Keith Cook, Bev Claypool, Natalie Madison, Ilona Buzick
  • Trek Leaders: Kandice and Rex Eckhoff
  • Deacons: Julie Dunaway, Natalie Madison, Rod Smith
  • Ruling Elders: Rex Eckhoff, Shelley Needham, Jill Smith, Elaine Sturm, David Ullery
  • Teaching Elder: Ilona Buzick
  • Clerk of Session: Keith Cook
  • Treasurer: Pam Murray
  • Worship Team Leader: Kandice Eckhoff

Community Leaders: Mayor: Doug Eberle, Council: Casey Nichols, Rick Hager, Chris Rambler Zoning: Claude Rhone, Collin Kalbeuch, Randy Oakes Zoning Board of Adjustment: Randy Carl, Jason Kurzweil, Karen Flanagan, Clark Gundersen


  • God’s House: Swift and safe construction, Developing Ministries for God’s House
  • “Engage 2018”- FPCers share the Gospel in word and works
  • Homebound Members: Gloria Chenoweth, Corky Cook, Dale and Donna Farr, Linda Lee, Virginia Lee, Louise Moore, Joe Rodier, Loretta and Toby Wiseman

As you noticed on the prayer list is “Engage 2018”.  Here are some of the ways that we will be obeying God’s command to feed those who are physically and spiritually hungry.  This past Advent season we filled boxes with food items that will be delivered to the Church Alliance Food Pantry.  The deacons will also post a “Blessing Box” (beautifully designed and built by Kraig Dunaway). Anyone in need can come to the church and take from the “Blessing Box” located on our property canned food items. No one should go hungry in our community.

We know that physical hunger is real but it is only one type of hunger. Spiritual Hunger is widespread in our culture. FPC will be hosting for the first time an IF:Conference.

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This is a National Women’s Conference with featured speaker Jennie Allen.  It will be live streamed with music and other nationally known speakers.  Lunch will be served.  It is a way we can invite women from the community and friends and family members to learn and grow in faith.  We may even ask the men of the church to help.  This is just a starter.

To keep growing spiritually, I am challenging you to join me in a weekly Bible and Meditation Study.  Journal sheets will be available in the sanctuary every week (those who are homebound will receive them in the mail).  Each week we will study the Scripture Text that will be taught in worship the next Sunday.

Here are the texts for the next month: Dec. 31: Acts 4, Jan. 7 Exodus 3, Jan. 14: Luke 7, Jan.21: Hebrews 11, Jan. 28: Acts 9:1-19, Feb. 4: Acts 16: 1-10.

Thanks again for the very generous Christmas Gift.  I will be using a portion of it to attend the Deep and Wide Conference with Andy Stanley. This is a conference that I believe will renew me and give me some great ideas for our “Engage 2018”.  What I am truly grateful for is the ministry partnership we have.  I am looking forward to hearing and seeing the visions and dreams God gives to you for “Engage 2018”!

Love in Christ,


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