What is God’s House?

What is God’s House? You’ve heard us talking about it for quite a while now and in case you were wondering we’d like to provide more information.  Please take some time to read more below.

While Awana and Trek have been operating, reality is that we need a safe place to meet and play recreational sports.  FPC tried to rework the old manse but we later found there was too much that needed to be done and the cost prohibited the work.  In the long run we believe a new building is more cost effective.  After lots of prayers it was decided the manse was to be demolished.  That took place in April 2016.

After all of the prayers, discussions, and ideas from the congregation, the Session voted to step out of their comfort zone and put their full trust in God.  We trust that God will provide for a new building that will house a gym/fellowship hall, classrooms, a new kitchen, bathroom facilities (including showers), and additional storage.

Here is the exciting and most adventurous part, YOU can be part of our vision to make a difference for Christ in the Freeman community by:

  • Praying the vision from God becomes a reality
  • Making an extra giving pledge/gift to the build fund, God’s House
  • Asking God how you can be used

I pray that you will join me, as well as the entire Freeman Presbyterian congregation, on the adventure of a lifetime inspired by God.  If you feel inspired to help us reach our goal you can give by donating through the Go Fund me link located on this page or by contacting our church directly.

Ilona Buzick

Pastor, FPC


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