July Newsletter

This past June has been a very active month of “serving the Lord with joyful hearts.”  I want to thank everyone who either donated and/or worked the FPC garage/yard sale, it was a great success. We raised approximately $2,000.00 for “God’s House”. What a blessing! And on top of that, many people experienced a respite from cooking and took home meals of brisket and pulled pork for lunch and supper. Thank you Rod for the good eats.

You hopefully have noticed on the “God’s House” building site there is a beautiful banner surrounded by crosses.  A wonderful reminder that the vision God has given us is becoming a reality. Please pray for this adventure of ministry.  God is on the move.  We are still short of the financial goal for us to build, so if God prompts you to give, don’t hesitate to give, and if God gives you an idea on how to raise funds, don’t hesitate to share it with an elder (Jill Smith, David Ullery, Elaine Sturm, Velma Stewart, Shelley Needham).

Also a group of adults and teens (15 to be exact) went on a Mission Trip to Camp Courageous.  We planted over 300 plants and filled in dirt (2 1/2 dump truck loads) along sidewalks by the fishing pond.  There are pictures on FPC’s Facebook page if you’d like to take look.  We worked hard, studied and prayed, and played hard (Bev Claypool, Keith Cook, Kandice and Rex Eckhoff, and Ilona Buzick led us in Bible Study). The campers touched our lives.  We were a privileged group to be the Lord’s Hands and Feet for the weekend. We are already signed up for next year and hope you can join us June 8-10, 2018!!!!

As you enjoy your summer I would like you to mull over these realities with God.  They are taken from Henry Blackaby’s book, Experiencing God.  In September and October we will explore these truths in our worship services.

  1. God is ALWAYS at work around you.
  2. God pursues a continuing love relationship with you that is REAL and PERSONAL.
  3. God INVITES you to become involved in HIS
  4. God SPEAKS by the Holy Spirit through the Bible, prayers, circumstances, and the church to REVEAL HIMSELF, HIS purpose, and HIS ways.
  5. God’s INVITATION for you to work with HIM always leads you to a crisis of belief that REQUIRES faith and action.
  6. You MUST MAKE major adjustments in your life to JOIN God in what HE is
  7. You come to KNOW God by EXPERIENCE as you OBEY HIM and HE ACCOMPLISHES HIS WORK through you.

See you in worship and around the community.

Love, Ilona

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