August 2021 Newsletter

A few words from Ilona


Did you take advantage of the July Sabbatical time? Do you feel more refreshed and ready to look for what God is inviting you to do with Him? I do. I have spent time with friends over a meal that I have not seen in a long time. I really enjoyed our taco bar and game Sunday as well. It was refreshing to eat, play board games, and talk with so many of you. I also liked setting apart the time I would be in group studies to be alone with God in prayer. I want to invite you to continue with me in prayer at noon each day asking God to soften our neighbor’s hearts for God and that God will knit the Christian Community together to work in one accord.

My friend Linda wrote a letter to her granddaughter who will be married this month. In her letter, she used the analogy of a brand-new car to marriage. She noted to keep a new car running you follow the manual and do all the required checkups and when you have a problem go to a professional who can help you resolve the issue; so it is with marriage when a couple comes together as husband and wife.  She reminded them that as they begin life together, they need to follow the manual for a good healthy marriage which can be found in the Bible. She said to keep a car running in good conditions you need to take preventative measures to keep the car running smoothly. Take time to make sure you are doing those checks and doing all that is needed to keep the car going, if you have problems get help and always refer to the manual.

The analogy follows for us as Christians.  When we come into a relationship with Jesus, we need to do checks. How are we in our walk with Jesus? Are we drifting away from Him or sticking close to Him like a child clinging to our parents? Are we living in fear or standing in awe of God? Do we have a confident faith or are we standing on shaky ground? Am I attending Sunday worship and a Small Group? Am I taking time to be with the Lord devotionally and in study? How am I doing? Do I feel distant from fellow Christians or am I being drawn closer to my Christian friends? What is my diagnosis?  Remember as we evaluate our relationship with God remember to check THE MANUAL, THE BIBLE. It is Scripture that can help fine tune your walk with God. 

We will continue our study in the Gospel of Mark during the months of August and September. If you do not have a book of the Bible, you are studying you might read through Mark’s gospel. It is good. It is a gospel of preparation for the church facing persecution. It is full of wonderful encounters with Jesus.

Before I end this letter, I want to remind you Small Groups resume in August. The Friday study on Mark will begin on August 13th at 10:00 am. Come join us as we study, pray, eat yummy treats, and share with one another our joys and concerns in life.

Love you all, Ilona

Prayer Requests                                               

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood a holy nation.” 1 Peter 2:9                                 

Pastor Search Team: Keith, David, Rex, Jill, Rod, Shelley, Pam, Elaine

Healing: Elaine Sturm (Surgery 7/30), Brenda Lee, Velma Stewart, Donna Farr, Bryan Woltkamp (Research Hospital)

Community: God soften hearts to receive Jesus, unity among the churches

Missions: Todd, Pru (Macedonia), Avery Hispanic Ministries, Simple Church Overland Park (Church plant)

Leaders: President Biden and Administration, Gov. Parsons and Administration, Elders, Deacons, Military, and First Responders

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