March 2021 Newsletter

March continues to be a time of updating the inside and the outside of the sanctuary. Inside the sanctuary, the ceiling has been lowered and replaced, the wood floors have been refinished. There is fresh coat of paint on the walls and entrance from God’s House to the sanctuary is now handicap accessible with a new side aisle ramp. New doors will be installed soon. The outside of the building will be sided, and the steeple is being restored. Hopefully, the external work will be good for at least 10 years! I am sure many people will now want to join the Buildings and Grounds Team! Thanks to all the hard work of the B&G and many discussions over colors! Miracles still do happen.

I am glad this work is being done. It was time. There was a lot of intensive labor and cost to this project. But having two beautiful buildings means nothing if we are not inviting people to church, and, and more importantly sharing the story of Jesus with our family and neighbors. These buildings are places that are to be used to draw people closer to God through worship, fellowship, and fun. They are to be safe places.

On Sunday, March 14, I am asking people to stay after worship and to pray and make plans for ministry to begin this Summer in God’s House. We need everyone involved. For those who are homebound, I ask that you spend time in prayer for those who will be meeting and implementing these new ministries. The time is now and prayer intercessors, visionaries, and helping hands are needed, so come jump on board.

Love and prayers, Ilona

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