October 2021 Newsletter


I’m home! I was able to take a vacation to visit my family back East. It was a delayed trip due to Covid. We celebrated my younger sister Joan getting her PhD and Betty and Dave’s 51st wedding anniversary. We even celebrated Bev’s birthday. My nephew Tim and his family visited, and we went Apple picking. I can’t believe how my great nephew Nathan and his sister Leah have grown up. We were able to celebrate Erin, Tim’s wife, getting a much-coveted job as a Math Interventionist teacher. She was so excited. We had been praying about this, lots of joy and celebrating with family and new made friends.

You probably will not believe this but other than our Francine Rivers Devotional (that I hope you are enjoying) and the Bible, I only read ONE book. It was a compilation of news articles from the Lovell News (1933-1938). The newspaper editor and writers were ages 10, 11, and 12. Each edition had a weather, society, and sports section. It gave you a good picture of Lovell, Maine during those years. There were times when the writers would bemoan the fact that they couldn’t play sports or go ice fishing or swimming because the paper had to be put out that evening. It gained notoriety. The subscribers were from around the country.  Rudy Vallee, who had a place in Lovell, sent the paper to the New York Times who did a piece on the Lovell News Boys.

The boys reminded me of the importance of reaching our youth. Life seemed simple back then. But those boys shared heartaches and joys. They knew pain and sorrow. To begin life with Christ at a young age can take the edge off the bumps in the road. Children find in Jesus a security, a hope, a bright future, and can experience love, joy and peace that the world cannot give them. That is why the Kids Club is essential for life in our Freeman Community.

Why Is It Important to Pray?

Please join me in praying for this new ministry and for the workers and children who will be attending. Pray God softens the children’s hearts for Him. Pray for revival for our children. Thank you for joining me.

Blessings and love in Jesus-Ilona

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