July 2018

Dear Friends Pursuing Christ,

Good Morning! Yesterday, 6/24, we had a glorious time in worship as our mission team shared about their work at Camp Courageous.  We had about 20 teens and adults from FPC attend this year (around another 10 from Excelsior Springs joined in with us). They shared their love of the hard work that makes the camp more accessible to those with special needs.  What I was thrilled to hear was how they enjoyed interacting with the campers. I love looking at Camp Courageous through the eyes of our teenagers.  This group truly made a difference.  They are the “Light of Christ” with their actions and words.  What a blessing! I want to thank Bev, Rex and Kandice in coordinating the trip.

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After worship we shared a meal. Good food, conversation and lots of laughter. Following lunch, Rex and Rod took groups to God’s House to see the progress.  Each day we get closer to the grand opening.  Please keep the team in prayer as they work with contractors and utility companies.  There is never a dull moment. Like us on Facebook to see the frequent posts on our page being made by Rex.

This morning as I was sipping on coffee and reflecting on yesterday, I was thinking about how we are not only living as the “Light of Christ” but also offer Christ as the “Hope of the World”.  We at FPC are a people of “Hope” because daily we experience God’s work in our lives.  God doesn’t keep us in a box pinned to our past but opens us up to a future. He knows and shows us that “with Him all things are possible.”  Past hurts and decisions don’t define us.  He uses them to grow us.  God uses them to shape and mold us. People may try to limit us (maybe we even do that to ourselves) and say you can’t change, but God knows better. The Holy Spirit is our “change agent”. As we explore the stories of Jesus this month we will see how Jesus sees us, loves us, forgives us, and infuses us with HOPE that can be poured out into the lives of people we encounter.

Important dates this month: Tuesday, July 17th through Thursday, July 19th is this year’s VBS: Moose on the Loose from 6:00-8:00 pm.  On Thursday everyone is invited to join us for a short program at 7:45 pm and an ice cream social following. Every day at Moose on the Loose is a “hot fudge Sunday”.  Come see what the children learned, how the volunteers fared, and most importantly meet and make new friends!

Please continue to pray for: Corky Cook and family, Loretta Bailey, Candy Gall, Andrew Brunson and his Family.  In July we continue praying for our neighbors and the FPC neighborhood. Coming soon – the Sunday Teen Small Group will be taking us on a Spiritual Adventure!

Love and Prayers,


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