May Happenings

As I look at the calendar for the next few months I get a bit overwhelmed.  Look at just SOME of our highlighted events:

  • May 6th Graduate Sunday (we will honor Spencer Smith)
  • May 13thMother’s Day (special presentation by FPC kids)
  • May 16th – Baccalaureate (volunteers are needed to help serve cake and punch to students, friends, and family)
  • May 20th Pentecost Sunday and Midway Graduation (following worship we will gather for a meal at Harold’s to celebrate Pentecost)
  • May 27thMemorial Sunday (remembering those who have gone before us)
  • June 8th – 10th – Camp Courageous Mission Trip
  • June 17th Father’s Day (special presentation by children)
  • June 24th Camp Courageous recap
  • July 16th – 18th VBS: Camp Moose on the Loose!

Still to come is the opening and blessing of the Church Life Center (God’s House) which is moving right along.  It is amazing.  Rex took me through it yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!! It is HUGE!!!! God has some very big plans.  I felt like Noah in the Ark! Keep those prayers coming and we will keep you posted. It is hard at times to not feel overwhelmed.  I constantly keep before me that God is in charge.

Not only are we building God’s House, but we are putting together a strategy for ministering to children, teens, and families.   As we were reminded in the “New Kind of Leader” seminar, lots of churches have wonderful beliefs but if they are not lived out the church will soon cease to exist.  The Great Commission of “Go and Tell” about Jesus must be shared.  It’s not just knowing Jesus but sharing Jesus with other people. In reality, how we live our lives tells people what we truly believe.  In the June newsletter there will be more about the ministry plan for God’s House.  Please keep this in prayer.

Also, as you pray, keep Corky Cook, Vicki Raynard, and their families in your prayers.  Both women have begun their journey with hospice. Cards, visits and telephone calls, I am sure would be appreciated.  Also continue to pray for Andrew Brunson. He will be back in court on May 7th in Turkey.  The charge is “Christianization.” He and Norine and their family ask we pray for his release and that Christ will sustain them through these trials.

I love you all.  You continue to be in my prayers.

Love in Christ,


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