December 2021 Newsletter

In December, we are celebrating two very special occasions. The first of course is Jesus’s Birth. During the four weeks of Advent, we will center on four aspects of God’s Salvation Story. First, His plan revealed to rescue sinners. Second, the signs and preparations of God’s plan. There are over 300 promises God speaks to us about Jesus. The third week we will uncover the hope of our salvation. God made a promise to Adam and Eve and to all humanity and He disclosed it in Jesus.  Lastly, we will discover our response in the songs of Christmas, particularly that of the angels. Christmas Eve we will have a service of “Lessons and Carols” with beautiful music and great masterpieces of art revealing THE STORY. The message will be proclaimed in Word and Sacrament.  

The second special event is that Zeke Needham will publicly declare his love for Jesus and be baptized. With the Needham family we will celebrate this momentous event. Zeke has been nurtured by FPC through small groups, Kid’s Club, and through his interaction with the FPC family. Everyone wanted to hold him after his birth. He is not just beloved by God and the Needham family but by the congregation.

Two important events…a birth and a baptism. Without the birth of Jesus, there would be no baptism of Zeke Needham.

Please join us as we celebrate these two events in the life of FPC.

Have a blessed Christmas.  Love Ilona

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