October 2020 Newsletter

I began the September Newsletter with these words: “Can you say this with David, “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.” The NCV translation states it plainly, “The Lord is my shepherd, I have everything I need.” Do you believe that? Are they more than words? Is that your attitude in life or are you always satisfied? Are you yearning for more?

Those words have haunted me. I have recited, prayed, and meditated on the 23rd Psalm. I believe the Lord Jesus Christ is “My all in all”. How well lived is this text in my life? 

When times are good is my first reaction as I wake in the morning to revel in Him? In those tough times do I go to Him first or do I seek counsel of others and then eventually meander my way to Him? Life with the Lord is a journey, an adventure. As I reflect on my life, I find that I seek Him more all the time in good seasons and in seasons of struggle and hardship. I know that I want more of Him in my life. Bob Sorge’s Book has been a tool that has helped me grow in my life with Jesus. He reminds of the basics of life with Jesus and pulls me deeper into that loving and intimate relationship with Him. Sorge writes: God feels more deeply and passionately about me than I do about Him.  Even when my passions are burning hot and bright for Him, they do not approach His intensity and love for me (p. 108). WOW! So true, So true. Amen and Amen. When I accept that truth of the 23rd Psalm takes on a richer meaning. I understand the depth of God’s provisions.

God is called the “Provider” in scripture. He is also the one who Prepares us for each moment of our day. He is ever present in our lives. He prepares us for our daily living and for life eternal. 

As I have mentioned in worship, I believe God is preparing His Church for some tough times of persecution. He has called the Church to follow Him and then to be leaders in our communities, country, our world. We are called to be faithful witnesses and to led people around us in tough times. In October and November, we will be studying in worship both of Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians. God is speaking afresh to us as He did to them. Be prepared. Be a people of prayer. Be a people of Hope. Be a persistent people pursuing Jesus. Be faithful worshippers of Jesus!                        

My love and prayers continue for all of you, Ilona

Prayer Requests Friends fighting COVID: Connie and Husband, Abby, Dick Getty, Friends fighting cancer: Lois, Dr. Polly, Amy, AJ, Tom, David (Amanda’s Uncle), General Healing Requests: Linda Sickles (back), Carole (Elaine’s sister), Loretta B (recovering from surgery, healing, freedom from pain), Tucker (custody battle), Casey (brother of David B), Jason Woodfin (Lynette’s son), Todd and Pru (Missionaries), Prayers for our country: President/Administration/Election, Supreme Court Nomination, Senators, House of Reps, Governor Parsons, Students, Teachers, Military, Police, Churches (faithful witness), Salvation of those far from God    

Small Groups: Sundays at 10:00 am (all ages) Thursdays at 7:00 pm (See Jill Smith for information) Fridays at 10:00 am or 6:30 pm new study begins on Oct. 16 – Moving Mountains – Praying with Passion, Confidence and Authority. This is an 8-week DVD series on prayer led by John Eldredge. Some of the prayer topics for study are prayers of intervention, consecration, healing, listening, and warfare. We will discuss unanswered prayers. The study will be divided into four segments: DVD study, discussion, prayer, and fellowship!

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