August 2019

Dear Friends Pursing Christ,

Thank you, thank you to all who made VBS, “Gone Fishin”, a wonderful experience for the 21 children that attended. It was amazing! When I brought some children home from VBS they were chatting joyously about the events of the day and they were singing so loudly I am sure the other drivers on the road heard them. When closing night came, I heard adults planning next year’s VBS. A first ever! It made me smile. Normally volunteers are dragging and saying I can’t wait for tomorrow. But what really grabbed my heart was how excited the children were in receiving Bibles. In fact one child could not make it the last night and asked if she could have a Bible before she left! The Bibles came from the family and friends of Hally Yust. Hally, at age 9, died from a rare water amoeba from a lake in which she was swimming. She loved God and His word. Hally’s family and friends raised money to supply children with Bibles in Haiti and in the USA.  What a legacy of love. Thanks be to God. On Friday night, Rod and Jill invited the VBS children and their families to their home for fishing, swimming, and a meal. Many families came and fished in their well-stocked pond. We ate, we laughed, and we played together. We had a great time!

A special thank you for all who volunteered their time and talents. Lead Fishermen: Bev Claypool, Keith Murray; Teachers/Leaders: Natalie Madison, Angelika Schmitt, Elaine Sturm, Ty Eckhoff, Samara Lewis, Faith Leuker; Dinner and Snacks: Lora and Herschel Young, Rex Eckhoff; Arts and Crafts: Shelley Needham, Jill Smith; Games: Keith Murray, Ben Madison, Rod Smith; AV (music): Kandice and Rex Eckhoff, Ilona Buzick; Registration: Pam Murray, Ilona Buzick, Jessica Woltkamp; Extra Workers: David Ullery, Phil Needham, Amanda Dubinick, Velma Stewart, Keith Cook, Laurin Carver, plus many prayer warriors.

VBS brought us much joy but it was a bittersweet week with the passing of Corky Cook into heaven. We celebrated her life with us and now her life with Jesus on July 22. Please continue to pray for Kevin, Keith, Kelly and their families.

July’s schedule of activities are over and it’s now time to resume our previously schedules activities. Small Groups will resume in August at 10:00 am. Wednesdays at 1:00 pm we will begin a study on 2 Peter and Friday’s, “Making your Case for Christ” will resume on August 16th. Trek is moving to Sunday evening at 6:30 pm for the coming school year and will resume September 8th.

Continue to keep your session and deacons in prayer as they seek to serve you and help guide us in a direction that pleases the Lord. Prayers are needed for the workers and weather to team up together so that God’s House can be completed. Prayers for Dale and Donna Farr, Gloria Chenoweth, Nate, Emmit, Sterling College, and the Whitcraft Family.

Love in Christ,


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