Advent Reading – LOVE

Our greatest gift from God is, to me, the Gift of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. The Advent Season is a celebration of our preparation for His birth. Related image

Jesus Christ taught us many things. Above all, He taught us the importance, the value of Love. Love is that deep caring for God & people. While there are different forms & degrees of love, the most important is that “Love” that Jesus taught us: we must care for God, His Word; our fellow man; life, caring, & valuing life is of the utmost importance. We need to strive to have that love, a TRUE love, for people & God’s many gifts. This is all in the Spirit of the Advent Season.

If our hearts are void of Love for God & Love for others during the Advent Season (all other times as well) then are we truly believers?

Allow me to ask that again; If our hearts are void of Love as God expects, are we truly believers?

We are not perfect, we are sinners, however, the moments should be rare when Love, true Love, is absent from our hearts. God gave us Christ so that we may have Eternal Life. In turn, Jesus Christ taught us to have Love for God (The Trinity) & our fellow man.

Love God
Love one another
Love yourself

Related imageFaith, Hope, & Love, these three….but the greatest of these is Love. This is the gift which molds all things together. If we truly Love God, then we truly Love others as ourselves. Therefore, having that Love, then we truly serve God as He expects us to do. The Advent Season is the time of the year to come before God & bear all that is wrong, and renew our foundation of Faith, Hope, and especially, Love. I pray that each of us does not miss this opportunity.

Love God, Serve Others

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written by: Keith Cook

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