Our Family

Dear Friends Pursuing Christ,

The Bible has lots to say about what the Church looks like. There is a good deal of information about how the Church is to live in Community. In the entrance to the sanctuary there is a framed picture titled Our Family. It reads:

In Our Family

We will love and accept one another.
We will pray for one another.
We will tell the truth to each other.
We will be kind to one another.
We will bring joy to each other.
We will serve one another.
We will be patient with one another.
We will comfort one another.
We will forgive one another.
We will be generous with each other.
We will honor each other.
Many of us in the beginning of the year signed a commitment that in 2016 we would be intentional in growing our relationship with Christ. A result from Growing in Christ is reflected in how we care for one another. So get ready to study and then apply God’s rules for Family Living. Looking forward to this study with you.
Love in Christ,

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